About P&A

At Pope & Associates, we approach every project to solve your biggest problems. Everyone guesses on how to come to a solution. Clients struggle with what to build or create, or how to deliver results. Campaigns & brands don’t know where their target audience are, how to attract them, or sometimes the easiest and most cost effective ways of reaching them. Everyone loves knowledge and information, let us help you get your message out.


Throughout the history of business, people use information to make more educated decisions. Our purpose at Pope & Associates is to strive for our clients obtaining their desired deliverables.


Meet the Team

Marc A. Pope

President/Chief Designer


Marc A. Pope is President and Chief Designer of Pope & Associates which focuses on small businesses and candidates to obtain their desired results, by marketing items or organizational strategies.  Marc believes that if you continue to make connections, you can deliver the desired results.


After completing school, Marc has spent his career in consumer and customer service. From working in the financial industry, the life safety industry, and the public sector he believes in doing what is right for everyone. Marc has developed a passion for speaking up for underrepresented communities in environments and cultures that tend to be unaware of the realities of those communities.